🍷 AWKWARD FAMILY DINNER 🍷 A Student Created Board Game

The below video provides most of the information that this blog post is based on.

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Used Texts

“… games are not classical narrations, but rather are compound phenomena… the subject is played by multiple elements: rules, the ability and decisions of the player and, sometimes, chance.” (Thibault, 2016)

It was important to produce an extremely general framework when approaching the concept of narrative for Awkward Family Dinner. Through the project I contextualise my ideas with the fact of storytelling in a board game as a collaboration of “interaction tasks, interaction techniques and interaction devices” (Breyer et al., 2018).

I would also emphasise the conscious effort to avoid role-playing, as mentioned in the above video. This fine line between themeless mechanics and pure roleplay is a great point in our framework. I hope that it helps build the assumed comedic context that we want players to engage in when playing.


Thibault, M., 2016. Notes on the Narratological Approach to Board Games. KOME, 4(2).

Breyer, F., Kelner, J., Ferreria, D., Paulo Teixeira, J., de Lima Filho, P., Henrique Mendonça, P. and Melo, G., 2018. Narrative-Led Interaction Techniques. Interactive Storytelling, pp.217-229.

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